Diamond Harsh Environment Products

Tech Optics supplies and supports Diamond fibre optic components and assemblies

Diamond products incorporate active core alignment (ACA) to provide the ultimate in fibre optic performance.

Without doubt, connectors for field/outdoor use must withstand particular conditions in terms of adverse temperatures, shocks, vibrations, tensile stress, external pressure, corrosive surroundings, etc., which are beyond environmental conditions typically endured by standard commercial connectors and cable assemblies.

DIAMOND has responded to this growing demand by developing a wide range of strong, reliable, customizable indoor/outdoor field optical connectors and accessories product lines with superior optical performances and IP rating.

These products are designed for industrial sites for applications such as energy plants, coal mines, offshore oil platforms, cement factories, refineries etc. as well as for field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, avionics and space, security systems, machine controls, industrial machine networks and much more.

DIAMOND technologies include

  • Active Core Alignment (ACA)
  • Polarisation Maintaining (PM)
  • Power Solutions (PS) high optical power interface
  • VIS / NIR Short Wavelength
  • High Temperature Connectors
  • Special Fibre Ferrules
  • Custom Assembly Manufacture



  1. AVIM™ Family fibre optic connectors

    After 25 years, the Diamond AVIM™ connector is joining forces with new AVIM™ products to become the AVIM™ Family. Designed and developed for applications that require high optical performance, coupled with vibration, shock and temperature enhanced resistance.

    The new AVIM™ Family is comprised of the products shown in below photo.

    In addition, all of the AVIM™ mating adapters and accessories, such as hybrid mating adapters, Interface Modules (IMOD) or multipurpose adapter systems (MAS) are now part of the AVIM™ Family.

    • AVIM™ heritage space fibre optic connector
    • Midi AVIM™ titanium compact cable fibre optic connector
    • Mini AVIM™ small and light internal space fibre optic connector
    • Micro AVIM™ titanium PC board fibre optic connector



  2. AVIO / AVIM

    AVIO/AVIM are multipurpose, Commercial Off-The-Shelf fiber optic connectors offering high optical performance and qualified for the dynamic environments of mobile platforms, including avionics and aerospace.


    • Compact, low profile and lightweight
    • environmentally robust, Zirconia/Copper-nickel alloy insert ferrules
    • miniaturized MIL-style ratchet system with vibration/shock tolerances to 46 G’s.
    • Temperature test according to EIA/TIA 455-3A/4B. Lifetime test according to EIA/TIA 455-21A.


  3. Mini AVIM

    The Mini-AVIM connector has been developed after market request of a smaller and lighter version of our acclaimed AVIM connector for harsh environment, especially space applications. The Mini-AVIM combines two leading edge technologies: the AVIM MIL style ratchet system and the base construction of Diamond Micro Interface (DMI) connector. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) availability and economy backed by  quick turnaround of terminations and assemblies. The Mini-AVIM is aligned precisely in rotation and therefore it can be used for both standard SM and MM fibres, as well as for PM technologies and multi-fiber ferrules. Our Power Solution (PS) technology can also be applied to this connector.


  4. PM+ connectors - Polarization Maintaining

    The new DIAMOND PM+ product line was developed following customer demand for improved power extinction ration (PER), coupled with ultra-low insertion loss (IL).  The PM+ product line is available with the DIAMOND E-2000™, DMI and Mini AVIM™ connectors.  These connectors incorporate an orientation keying system that allows for a very high PER. Several configurations have been confirmed for wavelengths of 532nm and 1550nm. Other connectors showing larger orientation keying tolerance are still well served by our standard PM product line.

    Polarization-maintaining optical fibers are used in specialty applications often found in fiber optic sensing, metrology and laser technology. They are also commonly used in telecommunications, when polarized light is required at the input. In addition, polarization maintaining is expanding rapidly into other markets, such as industrial environments, medical science, surveillance & security and more. DIAMOND supplies high-quality solutions to polarization maintaining (PM) and polarizing (PZ) fiber optical interfaces for optimal control of the signal’s polarization state. Low insertion losses (IL), combined with high polarization extinction ratios (PER) and very high return losses (RL) are achieved over very broad spectral ranges, due to a combination of accurate optical and mechanical design.


  5. HE-2000 Harsh Environment Push Pull Fibre Optic Connector

    Diamond has developed the new rugged, reliable, IP 67, push-pull actuating HE-2000™ harsh environment connector with superior optical and mechanical performance for demanding applications.

    Built around the innovative Diamond Multipurpose (DM) insert, the HE-2000™ connector incorporates four (4) termini using Diamond's two-component ferrules, assembled with the company's Active Core Alignment (ACA) process for unparalleled fiber core concentricity. Also available are electrical contacts for hybrid E/O applications.

    The optical and electrical termini are protected from dust and water with the unique automatic protection shutter on the plug connector and a manual shutter on the bulkhead receptacle.

    The HE-2000™ connector is available for MM, SM (PC/APC) and small-core single mode fibre, polarization-maintaining (PM) fibre, and other specialty fibre types. Furthermore, Diamond splice-on termini can be field terminated with the Diamond ZEUS D50 HE fusion splicer, allowing for in-service repairs and special installations


  6. The Diamond Multifunctional (DM) Insert

    For a better fibre optic connection, Diamond has developed the new Crocodile-Alberino insert. The many adaptable optical technologies as well as the reliable transmission performance and unparalleled reproducibility are achieved thanks to the high quality of the components.

    In addition to the optical connectors, electrical contacts of identical dimensions can also be integrated into the new Diamond Multifunction insert, it is designed to be inserted into a wide variety of connector bodies.

    Characteristics of the connections

    • Compatible with different types of fibres such as HCS, MM, SM, PM and low core diameter fibres
    • Available with both PC and APC polishing
    • On-site assembly and repairs with Diamond Crocodile-Fusion-Alberino
    • Contact surface of the titanium ferrule

    Characteristics of DM inserts

    • Based on standard 2.5 mm Alberinos with integrated springs to avoid contact interruptions
    • Up to four optical and / or electrical channels
    • Simple assembly and disassembly of contacts for on-site integration and repair
    • Spring contact sleeve for inserting ferrules and electrical contacts


  7. MIL-38999 DM Ruggedised Fibre Optic Connector

    Diamond has developed an advanced COTS MIL-38999 DM style connector that demonstrates exceptional performance in demanding optical applications. For the first time, rugged 38999 connectors are available for use with small-core single mode fiber, polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber, and other specialty fiber types.

    Built around the innovative Diamond Multipurpose (DM) insert, the connector incorporates four (4) termini with Diamond's two-component ferrules, assembled with the company's Active Core Alignment (ACA) process for unparalleled core concentricity. Also available are electrical contacts for hybrid E/O applications. Furthermore, Diamond splice-on termini for repairs can be field terminated with the Diamond ZEUS D50 HE fusion splicer.

  8. MIL-83526 DM Outdoor Connector

    Diamond has developed the new rugged IP68, MIL-83526 DM connector featuring the DM (Diamond Multipurpose) insert for superior optical performance. This connector is extremely well suited for harsh environments and other demanding applications. The MIL-83526 DM (Diamond Multipurpose) connector incorporates four (4) termini utilizing Diamond's two-component ferrules, assembled with the company's Active Core Alignment (ACA) process for unparalleled fiber core concentricity. This connector is also available with electrical contacts for hybrid E/O applications.

    The MIL-83526 DM connector is available for MM, SM (PC/APC) and smallcore single mode fibre, polarization-maintaining (PM) fibre, and other specialty fibre types. Furthermore, Diamond‘s splice-on termini can be field terminated with the Diamond ZEUS D50 HE fusion splicer, allowing for in-service repairs and custom installation.

  9. Airbus Fibre Optic Repair Kit

    Diamond‘s Crocodile repair set is a patent pending solution, which provides a simple way to repair or add cable extensions to existing cable

    Its light weight and robust construction permits to use it in harsh environments and under high mechanical stress. It is available for SM and MM
    service, for secondary coated fibre and fibre cables (1.6mm – 3.1 mm) Being part of the Crocodile technology, it is the completion of this versatile and modular field installation system which covers indoor, outdoor and harsh environments assemblies.

    Particularly, the Crocodile Repair Set ABS 1632-003 is qualified and adapted for repairs of the Airbus fibre optic cable ABS0963-003 LF.


    • Simple, fast and reliable field repair, even in severe conditions
    • Integrated, small and robust splice protection and cable boots
    • Compact, light weight
    • Resistante to high cable tensions


    • Repair Set P/N 1046361, (to be terminated with Diamond repair tool kit)
    • AIRBUS P/N ABS 1632-003


  10. F-3000™ CRB

    • The F-3000™ CRB (Circular Reverse Bayonet) connector system comes in either a single or dual channel configuration and provides exceptional optical performance in a robust, water and shock resistant VG 952340 compliant housing.
    • The rugged design makes it suitable for field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, industrial machine networks, and machine controls installations requiring either long transmission distances, high data rates, or reliability in a harsh environment.
    • The F-3000™ CRB connector can be terminated on most MM and SM cable constructions. It is available with Diamond’s Active Core Alignment in both PC and APC finishes providing both low insertion and high return loss.
    • The F-3000™ CRB panel adapters includes 1 or 2 F-3000™ mating adapters PC or APC version, which combines the advantages of a spring-loaded metal protection shutters and an high precision alignment sleeve (zirconia).

  11. DiaFlex

    The Diamond DiaFlex is a rugged MT connector which enables fast and efficient connection of multi-fibre MT ferrules.

    We recommend this product if...

    • ... flexibility is required, e.g. in temporary installations
    • ... connections have to be upgraded or retrofitted
    • ... A preassembled system has to be used, e.g. with a flexPatch 1HE
    • ... you do not want to use expensive splices


    • Protective cap with feed-in eye
    • Simple to use on site and no expensive splicing work necessary
    • Robust metal fibre divider
    • Can be used flexibly thanks to the small external diameter
    • Client-specific connector types and cable lengths
    • Fibre breakout labelling as per client requirements


  12. X-Beam Expanded Beam Connector

    The Diamond X-BEAM is a genderless tactical fiber optic connector which uses lens based expanded beam technology for ease of cleaning and mating in outdoor applications. The X-BEAM expands and collimates the transmission signal at the mating point. The expanded beam technology reduces the impact of both misalignment as well as endface contamination. The lens system encloses and protects the fiber end face allowing the connector to be quickly cleaned and mated in the field without special tools. Genderless construction helps simplify use under adverse conditions. The X-BEAM connector is an ideal choice for use within harsh environments such as field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, avionics, security systems and much more. The Diamond X-BEAM 4 channels connector is terminated with Diamond’s homologated MM and SM cable (Customer cable assemblies available upon request).

    The X-BEAM FUSION incorporates a special insert with removable Fiber Optic termini which allow an easy field termination and repair, this thanks to a quick termini locking mechanism and the Diamond ZEUS D50 HE Fusion splicer, only for Multimode cable.


  13. Zeus D50 HE for Harsh Environment Connectors

    Based on the known Diamond ZEUS D50 Fusion splicer, which provides fast, easy, and high performance field terminations of Splice-On Connectors (SOC), we have developed a new Kit with the aim of simplifying the field repair or termination of outdoor connectors.

    The Kit contains everything that is needed to prepare, handle and splice tough outdoor/military and industrial cables with an outer diameter of 3 mm to 8 mm, including a cleaver and an automated stripping machine with heated jaws. Once the cable is fixed on a sliding holder, all three operations can be carried out without additional cable manipulation.