ST connectors

  1. ST Connectors

    ST connectors are made for quick and straightforward epoxy and polish type terminations using two part heat cure or room temperature cure epoxies, or using the TE Quickcure adhesive (one part adhesive that cures in around 20 seconds). 

    They come with a pre-radiused PC finish and the zirconia ceramic ferrule is mounted in a polymer body with a metal bayonet housing.

    ST couplings (in-line adaptors) are available with either a polymer sleeve, for low cost multimode applications, or with a beryllium copper sleeve for higher performance and a ceramic sleeve for singlemode use.

    Connectors available:

    • ST Multimode Connector, crimp sleeve & dust cap,
    • ST Singlemode Connector, crimp sleeve & dust cap, individually packed and with a 3mm yellow cable boot
    • 900µm strain relief boot for pigtails
    • 3mm cable strain relief boot - Black
    • 3mm cable strain relief boot - Blue
    • 3mm cable strain relief boot - Red


  2. MIL-ST (M83522)

    A rugged military version of the standard fibre optic ST connector used to provide reliable ST connectivity in environments where shock and vibration may be encountered.

    Various versions of connectors and adapters are available to meet a broad range of specific needs and system requirements. The M83522 connector is qualified for military applications and features a higher spring force than commercial ST connectors, allowing it to meet the shock requirements of MIL-C-83522.


    • Super and Ultra-PC polish capabilities
    • High grade stainless steel body (17-4 SS) with zirconia ceramic ferrule and fungus-resistant self-extinguishing boot
    • Superior optical performance in extreme environmental conditions
    • MIL-qualified series: high spring force for shock and vibration resistant critical in military applications
    • Navy approved COTS: for moderate shock and vibration environments