1. Adaptors/Couplers

    We offer all types of high-performance fibre adapters to ensure maximum connectivity between the fibres. Our ceramic zirconia fibre optic alignment sleeves are available for singlemode and multimode mating adapters. Reliable alignment mating is assured by strictly controlled dimensions. Types include SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MTRJ, MPO-MTP, FDDI, Escon in both like-to-like and hybrid variants. Adapter mating sleeves and custom designs are also available.

    Multimode fibre adapters are comprised of a polymer/metal outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. The combination of a ceramic/phosphor bronze alignment sleeve and a precision moulded polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance. 


    • High quality materials
    • High performance and superior durability
    • Low insertion loss
    • Mounting screws are available for couplers with mounting tabs (flanged)
    • FOCIS-compliant designs