Norland Splicing

  1. Norland Splice

    This splice incorporates a precision glass sleeve in a unique one piece design that minimises the handling of bare fibre.

    Everything has been carefully engineered into a 38mm long, 3.8mm diameter glass tube. Just fill the tube with Norland Optical Adhesive, insert the two fibres and cure for a sturdy, ready to handle splice.

    The wide mouth entrance of the splice makes it easy to insert fibres and the versatile design allows one splice to accommodate all types of fibre with any size buffer coating up to 1mm in diameter.

    The fibres easily slide in the glass guide and automatically align with pinpoint accuracy.


    • Very low cost system
    • Attenuation performance very close to that of a fusion splice
    • Perfect thermal match for optical fibre
    • Assures long term stability over a wide range of temperatures