Spider fan-out kit

  1. Spider Fan-Out Kit

    Spider Fan Out Kits allow multicore central loose tube cables (uni-tube) to be directly terminated, either in the workshop or on site once the cable has been installed. The optical fibres remain continuous and there is no splicing. Mechanical strain relief is provided for both the multicore cable and the individual fibre tails.

    Once the Fan Out Kit has been installed, the individual fibre tails may be terminated with the users choice of connector in the usual way appropriate to that connector.


    • Can be used with all standard exterior/interior central loose tube cable design
    • Cable diameters: 
      • 12-way; 6.0 -10,5mm, 
      • 24-way; 8,0 -12mm
    • The buffered lead is fixed in position in a cable gland, preventing the cable jacket slipping when laying
    • The buffer tubes that carry the fibres are strain-relieved and are prepared for a length of 1.20m
    • Diameter (alumina-tube) 12-way 22mm, 24-way 27mm