Whilst we supply a range of fibre optic cable to suit all optical fibre cabling needs, we also offer the value added service of custom cable assemblies made up from a wide variety of connector types, both single mode and multimode to a customer’s specification.

The advantages of choosing a custom solution are the ability to develop a bespoke product that delivers exactly what is required and is designed to perform under the most challenging conditions – vital when reliability in the field is critical.  

We produce many types of assemblies including:

  • Patchcord/Jumpcord Cable
  • Specialist and Large Fibre-Diameter Patchcord/Jumpcord Cable
  • Uni-Tube Indoor-Outdoor Loose Tube Cables
  • Tight Buffered Internal External Grade
  • Steel Armoured Loose Tube Cable
  • Indoor-Outdoor LSZH Loose Tube Cables
  • Loose Tube Outside Plant General Purpose Cable
  • Riser Breakout Cables
  • Assemblies including optical switches, attenuators, splitters and circulators.
  • Loop back assemblies

Cables can be configured using the TO part number configurator or built to specific requirements or drawings / schematics controlled under Tech Optics unique part number system.

For additional information and to discuss your requirement please contact Tech Optics internal sales and engineering team.