Supplies for use with fibre optic cables

  1. Buffer tubing

    • The Lucent 900µm diameter buffer tubing is for use with 250µm coated fibres.
    • This buffer tubing is designed for use in breaking out loose tube cables within a patch-panel or cabinet
    • Allows direct termination of any common fibre connector on to the fibre end.
    • Sleeving the fibres to 900µm makes them more manageable and reduces the possibility of fibre breakage during handling. 
    • Supplied in reels of 64m.


    • Order Code: 845-769-272

  2. Cable clips

    • Adhesive-backed cable clips for use in enclosures and patch panels for routing cables and buffered fibres.
    • Supplied in any quantity.


    • Order Code: KLB-450A-RT

  3. Cable glands

    Cable glands for 20mm diameter patch panel knock-outs cover the diameter range of the most popular multicore indoor and external fibre optic cables.

    Available for:

    • 4mm to 10mm cable
    • 8mm to 13mm cable


    • Order Code: 251-B(VERO) for 4-10mm
    • Order Code: 254-13930J for 8-13mm

  4. Heat-shrink tubing

    Available in both commercial polyolefin grade and in an environmental protective grade, meeting most requirements for fibre optic terminations and installations.

    The CTW-602 commercial grade polyolefin is ideal for sleeving connectors, zipcord cable bifurcation and general insulation.

    ETW-803 is a flexible heat-shrinkable tubing ideal for use in patch-panels and enclosures, splice boxes and cabinets where moisture ingress must be prevented.


  5. Sharps' bin

    This 1-litre capacity sharps' bin, or 'Cinbin', is ideal for disposing of broken optical fibres, fibre spriggs cleaved from connectors, used epoxy dispensing needles, scalpel blades and any other hazardous sharp material. Can be used in the laboratory or in the field. Measures 78mm diameter and 204mm high.


    • Order Code CB8/H

  6. Solvent dispenser

    This convenient solvent dispenser holds up to 50cc of solvent which is dispensed by a pump action into a small reservoir at the top of the unit.

    It provides for economic and safe use of solvent and minimises the risks of accident and spillage. Ideal for use with iso-propyl alcohol and similar fibre cleaning agents, the unit has a bayonet action lockable lid.


    • Order Code SD12