Splice Protectors

  1. Heat-shrink splice protectors

    Heat-shrink splice protectors for reinforcing fusion-spliced joints, supplied individually or in sets.

    After making a fusion splice joint, slide the protector sleeve over the joint and apply heat, either with an oven or (with care) a heat gun and shrink the sleeve onto the fibre.

    The protector comprises a stainless steel pin over an EVA adhesive-lined tube and the assembly, surrounded by a heat-shrinkable polyethylene colour-coded tube, length 61mm.

    Splice protectors are available in a range of colours, including clear, either individually or in sets.

  2. Splice Bridges

    The 12-way bridge measures 32mm long, 32mm wide and 12mm high in which splices are stored up to 3 high and can easily be mounted and demounted.

    Each bridge is supplied with an adhesive pad for assembly into most patch panels, including the Tech Optics 1U High 19 inch Patch Panels