Gold Series Polishing Pads

  1. Gold Series Polishing Pads

    As a technology leader in fiber polishing, Domaille is continually creating innovative new products that help our customers improve their polishing yields and throughput by tightly controlling variables in the polishing process.  By eliminating or minimizing process variation, yields will significantly increase. 

    The Gold Series Precision Rubber Pads took Domaille Engineering over three years to develop. The initial request came from several OEM clients who noticed a pattern in their rejection levels. The root cause of the rejections was variation in the durometer of their rubber backing pads which was changing the end face geometry. Most commercially available rubber pads for fiber optic polishing are not tested for durometer and have a wide range of variation between lots of rubber (+/-5 durometer or more is very common).

    To make the new precision rubber pads, Domaille Engineering partnered with a local firm to develop a robust rubber processing cycle.  Domaille also worked with several OEM clients to develop and document accurate testing methods.

    The rubber processing looked at refined materials, mixing technology, and processing methods. Combined with the accurate testing, Domaille was finally able to come up with a repeatable process that hold the durometer to within +/- 2 Shore A when tested at 71°+/-1 F.

     The Gold Series Precision Rubber Locking Pads are also available for purchase. These pads have a two locking notches and are used in conjunction with the EZ Lock Platen system.

    Recommended products for use with the Gold Series Precision Rubber pads include the EZ Abrasive Kit (SKU: AK10500), Gold Series Locking Rubber pads (SKU: PM12101-XXL) and EZ Lock Platen (SKU: PM10152L) and the 5” diameter precision ground glass plate (SKU: PM12200)

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