3M Splice Enclosures

  1. 3M Splice Enclosures - Watertight Exterior Installation

    Designed for exterior installation including in manholes, mounted on outside walls, on top of poles, or most other typical cable joint locations, the modular range of 3M BPEO watertight enclosures is an economical solution for fibre optic splice enclosures. The basic unit offers a 48-fibre capacity with storage of excess fibres. Larger units offer increased capacity.

    The splice enclosure has a fully mechanical locking system which is durable through repeated opening and closing and is simple and easy to actuate. No dedicated tooling is required for assembling the enclosures beyond those found in any splice tool kit. The enclosure is supplied with splice trays included. The splice trays will accept a variety of fusion and mechanical splice protectors, including heat shrink fusion splice protectors and Fibrlock mechanical splices.


    • IP 68-rated
    • Permanent pressure resistance: 80mbar
    • Modular concept for flexible fibre count
    • Single fibre management capability
    • Thermoplastic, fire resistant material
    • Stainless steel mounting brackets
    • 48-288 fibre capacity according to model size