AbraSave® Polishing Fixtures

  1. AbraSave® Polishing Fixtures

    The AbraSave® concept is based on mathematics.  Normally, polishing fixtures are made with all the connectors located the same distance from the centre of the fixture and equally spaced radially.  Basically, this configuration runs the fixture over the same path on the polishing film, wearing out a consistent pattern while other areas of the film are not used.  The AbraSave® technology changes this to give each fiber a unique path on the polishing film, so each fiber is being polished by fresh media. 

    This Unique Path Technology can reduce polishing time up to 50% while extending abrasive film life up to 90%.  This significantly reduces abrasive film expense.

    One other advantage of AbraSave® technology is on multi-fiber connectors such as MPO or MTP.  Polishing these types of connectors on standard equipment will usually produce an inverse crown effect on the fiber protrusion – the centre fibre height is shorter than the outside fibres.  The unique path technology will produce a much flatter protrusion height, greatly improving yield on these complex connectors.