3M Volition and hybrid patchcords

  1. 3M Volition and hybrid patchcords

    Tech Optics now offers hybrid versions of 3M's innovative and cost-effective Volition VF45 patchcord (VF45-LC/SC/ST/MT-RJ/FC) as well as the standard VF45-V45 configuration.

    To place an order with the specifications you require, see Ordering cable assemblies

    • All cable assemblies are made in our production laboratory to an ISO 9001-certified quality standard
    • We use only genuine 3M VF45 patchcord products terminated with world-class brands of connector
    • Hybrids can be specified with LC, SC, ST, FC, MT-RJ or other connector types
    • Length of cable and core diameter can be customised to suit your application