Legacy connectors

  1. FDDI connector

    Taking advantage of the first network standard, designed from start to finish for fibre optics, the AMP Fixed Shroud Duplex (FSD) System offers the components necessary for a high performance FDDI local area network. The FSD connector, based on proven 2.5mm ceramic ferrule technology, is a two channel snap-fit connector that combines low loss, typically 0.2dB, with positive side latch mating, polarisation, easy to use keying and bend limiting strain relief.

    A rigid protective shroud guards the connector's floating ferrules against damage from mishandling or mismatching. The connector can be chosen to accept either flat 'zip-cord', or round duplex cable.


    • Insertion loss: 0.2dB typical
    • Mating cycles: 0.1dB change after 500 cycles
    • Cable retention: 150N min
    • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC


  2. ESCON connector

    The Enterprise System Connection Architecture, ESCON, was developed by IBM as a channel connection architecture with the intent of improving connectivity by incorporating fibre optics into a network.

    The connector system is a Retractable Shroud Duplex (RSD) and can be supplied as terminated patchcords or pigtails. Hybrid patchcords, terminated one end with an ESCON connector and the other end with MT-RJ, LC, ST or SC can be made to your specific length requirements.

    We are able to provide RSD cable assemblies meeting IBM system requirements. Adaptors are panel mount and have a zirconia alignment sleeve for minimum connection losses.


    • Retractable Shroud for ease of cleaning
    • Insertion loss: 0.5dB typical
    • Cable retention: 150N for 1 min
    • Durability: 500 cycles
    • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC
    • Storage temperature: -40ºC to +80ºC