3M Splice Cassettes

  1. 3M splice cassettes

    3M splice cassettes provide an easy and simple means of storing optical fibre splices and excess fibre. Cassettes are stackable and a plastic cover is available separately to cover the top cassette.

    Cable ties are used to attach the fibre tubes to the cassette and excess fibre is stored within the cassette (which is marked on the base with a reminder to check minimum bend radii of the fibres).

    Fusion splices are held in splice protector sleeves that fit into the splice organiser; each organiser holds 6 fibres and each cassette holds 2 organisers - 12 fibres per cassette.


    • Designed for universal use in different kinds of enclosures such as racks, cabinets, cable terminals etc.
    • With the appropriate splice organiser it can accommodate all types of splicing - fusion and mechanical