LC connectors

  1. LC Connector

    • LC connectors are highly adaptable, valued for their ability to be used in high density in patch panels. 
    • Smaller than the copper RJ-45 they provide the same or greater port density for fibre as copper. 
    • The LC requires less space in faceplates and cabinets and allows you to double the number of connectors in the same space, making it the perfect choice in applications where space is limited.
    • Since the LC connector has a style similar to a telephone plug, engaging and releasing the LC connector is intuitive and fast, reducing the cost of installation, rearrangements, and training.

    Connector styles available in both single and multi-mode

    • Buffered fibre (for pigtails)
    • Simplex for mini cordage
    • Simplex for 3mm cordage
    • Duplex, with clip, for mini cordage
    • Duplex, with clip, for 3mm zipcord