Network Monitoring

  1. Optical Network Monitoring System (ONMSi)

    ONMSi Optical network test and monitoring system for Core, Metro, Access and FTTH networks.

    Optical Network Monitoring System (ONMSi) increases workforce productivity and facilitates the management of fiber optic networks with fewer technicians through fiber remote testing and accurate fiber plant documentation. The system accurately detects and locates fiber degradation, alerting operators and managers with the details of faults. Measurement schedules allow network operators to assess long term fiber performance to form the basis of efficient asset management.


    • FAST: ONMSi monitors the network 24/7 and alarms when there is a problem, automatically and accurately quantifies and locates the problem, then dispatches the technician right to the site – ALL within minutes!
    • SCALABLE: ONMSi allows users to start small and then expand at any rate needed
    • COMPREHENSIVE: ONMSi supports both P2P (Metro/Core/Access) & P2MP (PON) networks – all the way to the ONT
    • PROVEN: ONMSi has a strong track record with over 250 optical networks currently being monitored
    • FLEXIBLE: ONMSi is designed to be easily integrated within customer orgatization (web enabled application, multiple API, domains architecture)


    • Optical Network Troubleshooting for both P2P and P2MP networks
    • SLA management (improves MTTR and proves results)
    • Network security (detects intrusion)
    • Network construction (reduces test time & staff, keeps track of test records)
    • Instant view of optical network performance

    Key Features

    • Large range of Test modules and Optical switches
    • Scalable system from one to hundreds of test probes
    • Multiple dashboards for instant network and system diagnostics
    • Domain architecture for organizational flexibility
    • Alarm notification by e-mail, SMS, Web Services or SNMP; compliant with OSS-J and ITU-X733
    • 100% web based in a secure environment
    • Single GUI (Graphical User Interface) for map and monitoring display
    • Detects fiber faults all the way to the subscriber
    • Locates faults smarter (associates network landmarks information)


  2. OTU-8000 Optical Test Unit

    The OTU-8000 Optical Test Unit lies at the core of the Viavi Solutions® optical network monitoring system (ONMSi). Combining optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical-switch technology, a single OTU-8000 unit can test hundreds of fiber links. When a fiber fault occurs, the ONMSi reports the GPS location of the fault within minutes.

    The modularity of the OTU-8000 meets all of the requirements for monitoring light or dark fiber-optic networks. Integrated with the latest technology, it can monitor both longhaul and FTTx networks.

    With the OTU-8000 installed at the central office, providers can test hundreds of live passive optical networks (PONs), regardless of the split ratio. It can accelerate PON installations when setting up new customers and troubleshooting by enabling technicians to sectionalize the network to determine the cause of a fault.

    Organizations concerned with network security issues can use the OTU-8000 to detect and locate fiber tapping after only a few tenths of a decibel are inserted.

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce MTTR by locating fiber optic faults in minutes instead of hours
    • Reduce operational costs by eliminating erroneous dispatches
    • Anticipate service disruptions by detecting fiber degradation before it affects service
    • Protect your fiber investment by monitoring the long-term performance of installed fibers
    • Reduce construction costs by accelerating test processes and empowering test staff
    • Protect network integrity by quickly detecting and locating fiber intrusion