Environmental Testing

  1. OP-METS Multichannel Environmental Test Station

    The OP Multichannel Environmental Test Station OP-METS is optimized for environmental testing of up to 144 single mode or multimode fiber assemblies or passive components.


    OPL-LOG is a data acquisition and logging software that controls OptoTest instruments via USB along with thermal chambers, thermocouples, and other auxiliary sensors* for monitoring testing parameters. OPL-LOG provides graphs for IL, RL, and supported data acquisition devices and records the data in an Excel spreadsheet. This logging capability makes OPL-LOG well-suited for standards compliant long-term testing of fiber optic components. Tests can be configured to perform measurements at arbitrary, fixed time intervals over an arbitrary duration. For increased testing efficiency, OPL-LOG can run two simultaneous tests with different configurations on a single OP-METS system.** The OP-METS system and the accompanying OPL-LOG software can be further customized for your application requirements.

    * Contact us for supported chambers and sensors. ** Due to the physical configuration of the OP-METS system each measurement is performed sequentially

    Channel Repeatability±0.05dB


    Single Mode


    Source Channels

    Up to 144 Channels (more upon request)

    Insertion Loss Source (±30nm)

    1310nm, 1550nm 1490nm, 1625nm

    850nm, 1300nm Launch Condition TIA compliant (upon request)

    Return Loss Source

    1310nm, 1550nm 1490nm, 1625nm

    850nm, 1310nm

    Source Stability*


    Optical Power Meter Range

    IN1: +10dBm to -80dBm IN3: +6dBm to -70dBm SI3: +3dBm to -70dBm IN5: +6dBm to -60dBm IN10: 0dBm to -45dBm

    Insertion Loss Accuracy**


    Return Loss Range

    -10dB to -80dB

    -10dB to -58dB

    Return Loss Accuracy


    * Per hour, per temperature variation of 1ºC. ** At constant temperature with less than 10dB power fluctuation.