Inspection Kits

The kit contents listed below are our standard offering - Tech Optics Ltd can tailor these to meet your specific requirements and supply you with any necessary products.

  1. 3M VF45 Inspection Microscope Kit

    A fibre-optic inspection microscope kit for viewing 3M Volition VF-45 terminations provides dual illumination, either coaxial or oblique, in an easy to use, ergonomic and compact microscope. Magnification is 100 times and the instrument allows viewing of both optical fibres in the VF-45 connector. Three interchangeable adaptors are provided in the kit, one VF-45 Plug adaptor, one VF-45 Polishing Puck adaptor and one universal 2.5mm adaptor (for inspecting ST, SC and FC-type connectors).


    • 100X, dual illumination microscope
    • VF-45 Plug Adaptor
    • VF-45 Polishing Puck Adaptor
    • Universal 2.5mm adaptor for ST, SC, FC
    • Carrying case for kit
    • User Guide


    • Order Code: FM-VOL-1