Cleaning consumables

  1. Alcohol wipes

    • Completely non-abrasive lint-free alcohol wipes, comprising 91% Isopropyl alcohol and 9% deionized water,
    • For cleaning fibres before fitting connectors, fibre and connector end faces .
    • The wipes are 3" x 4" (75mm x100mm).
    • Supplied 80 sachets per box.


    • Order Code: TX806

  2. Canned dry air

    • 400ml can of dry air for cleaning adaptors and small piece parts difficult to get to.
    • Ideal for microscope adaptors, interferometer stages, power meter and light source adaptors and in-line joints.
    • Supplied with a "long reach" plastic extension nozzle.


    • Order Code: AD105

  3. Cleaning wire

    • A vial containing eight pieces of 100µm diameter, 50mm long cleaning wires for cleaning connector capillaries.
    • Can be used to remove broken fibres from connectors or foreign matter that may have accidently entered the connector.


    • Order Code: F1-8265

  4. Engineer's wipes

    • Large (300mm x 350mm) high quality low-lint cloths for general cleaning and drying of all surfaces.
    • Suitable for use on glass, plastics and metals.
    • Excellent wet strength, may be rinsed and reused.


    • Order Code: ENGINEERS WIPE

  5. Iso-propyl alcohol (IPA)

    • Supplied in a 1-litre tin, is the preferred agent for cleaning optical fibres and all other associated fibre optic components.
    • Should be used with a lint free wipe for cleaning optical fibres before fitting into connectors or splicing. Also used for cleaning connector end faces.
    • A Solvent Dispenser is a useful compliment for the IPA and is a pump action dispenser that avoids spillage and prevents solvent evaporation
    • Iso Propyl Alcohol is classified as a solvent and appropriate Health and Safety regulations must be followed for both storage and use.


    • Order Code: IPA-1000

  6. Lint Free Kimwipes

    • Lint free disposable Kimwipes are used for all aspects of cleaning optical fibres and optical components
    • Kimwipes are supplied in 'pop-up' boxes with 280 single-ply lint free wipers per box and each wipe is 11.4 x 21.5cm


    • Order Code: KIMWIPES