Mode conditioning patchcords

  1. Mode conditioning patchcords

    When using multimode 62.5/125µm optical fibre for transmitting Gigabit data over distances greater than 300 metres, a Mode Conditioning patchcord must be used at each transmitter/receiver. This is because when a single mode laser is launched into the centre of a multimode fibre it may cause differential mode delay (DMD) effects that generate multiple signals.

    Mode Conditioning patchcords overcome this problem by launching the laser light from the transmitter into a single mode fibre which is aligned with a precise offset from the centre of the core of a 62.5/125µm fibre in the "mode conditioning" part of the patchcord. The output from the patchcord is then compliant with the IEEE 802.3z standard for 1000Base-LX.

    Mode Conditioning patchcords are not recommended for short transmission distances - a few tens of metres - as bit errors may occur/increase.

    • Each end of the patchcords can be terminated with a connector of your choice, most often SC, ST and LC (MTRJ is also possible)
    • Generally available with 62.5/125µm fibre in lengths of less than 5m