Visual Fault Locators (VFL)

Whether installing or troubleshooting, the Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is an essential tool that quickly and easily locates problem areas in fiber cables. By pinpointing the exact location of fiber damage, technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix the problem efficiently. The VFL is also used for conducting continuity tests and performing fiber identification.

  1. FLS-240

    The FLS-240 Pocket Pal Visual Fault Locator is a straightforward solution for identifying breaks, bends, faulty connectors or splices, as well as other causes of signal loss. It can detect faults over distances of up to 5 km. The FLS-240 visually locates faults by creating a bright red glow at the exact location of the fault on singlemode or multimode fibers.
    To ensure ruggedness, the Pocket Pal features rubber seals, a fully enclosed laser head and a long-lasting On/Off switch. It has been tested to provide reliable operation under intensive use and harsh conditions.

    • Bright red laser at 635nm
    • Pulsed and CW operation
    • 50 hours of operation (typical)
    • 5mm universal connector
    • Rugged and weatherproof


  2. OP280MT Ribbon Visual Fault Locator

    The OP280MT is designed to check for breaks in a ribbon fibre and to verify correct polarity of ribbon fibre connectors, hybrid cables and distribution boxes quickly and conveniently.  Each of the twelve fibre is illuminated with bright 635nm red LASERs.

    The Ribbon Fibre Visual Fault Locator can be used for single mode or multimode applications and is pre-programmed with various sequences for automatic or individual scanning of each fibre. User defined patterns can be programmed via the USB data port.

    Note: Included with each OP280MT is a 30cm SAVer cable available in either male or female MTP connectors. This will help prevent the output interface from potential damage or premature replacement which can create significant downtime. The SAVer cable can simply be re-polished or reordered from Tech Optics whenever it becomes damaged.

    • 12 Individual red LASERs; one per fibre
    • Use for fault location at least one kilometer
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • USB operation
    • Programmable patterns for the various connection types



    Laser Sources, red visible light


    Optical Interface

    MTP/MPO APC male or female

    Internal Fibre


    Laser Wavelength


    Output Power (Typical)

    0.50 mW into 9/125

    Internal Battery

    Li-ion 900mAh

    Power Supply & Charge

    +5VDC 1A, fast charge

    Data Interface & Charge

    USB 2.0, charging @100mA


    8.5” x 3.5” x 1.2”


    1.43lb (0.65kg)




  3. AF-OS405

    The AF-OS405 (635nm) visible laser cable fault locator allows the operator to find faults in fiber optic cables, even in the OTDR dead zone, optimizing splices and tracing fibers. By injecting a bright red visible light in the fiber, locations of losses such as breaks, bends, or bad connectors can be detected visually, even through the typical yellow or orange jacket used on most single fiber cables. Light generated by these units will escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fibers, as well as poorly mated connectors. Fibers can be traced as far as 4 km (2.5 mi.) using this instrument. The AF-OS405 uses a visible diode laser in the compact case for pocket size convenience.

    Other applications include identifying connectors in patch panels and fibers during splicing operations. It is also a useful tool for continuity end-to-end checks. The unit comes in a choice of three connector options ST, FC or SC


    • Cable Fault Locator
    • 635nm Class II Laser
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • High Output Power ~ 1mW
    • CW & 1hz Option
    • ST, FC or SC Connector Option
    • Ruggedised Case
    • Protective Rubber Boot


  4. FFL-050 (Pocket-sized)

    • Compact size for portability
    • Uses two aaa batteries (included) with 30+ hours continuous power
    • Universal 1.25 mm adapter sold separately

  5. FFL-100 (Ruggedised)

    • Rugged, shock-absorbing construction
    • Uses two aa batteries (included) with 80+ hours continuous power
    • Professional-grade with universal 1.25 mm adapter included