Index Matching Gels

  1. Norland Index Matching Liquid 150

    Norland Index Matching Liquid 150 is a low viscosity liquid monomer that can be used as an index matching media for temporary splicing, OTDR testing and other fibre optic applications. This material will not cure and will always remain a liquid.

    Other index matching silicone fluids and gels can cause adhesion problems because once they come in to contact with a surface, it is very difficult to remove all traces of the material. The Norland IML 150 can be removed with a solvent leaving the fibre end face completely clean.


    • Appearance - Light yellow liquid
    • Viscosity - 100 cps
    • Refractive Index - 1.52(nD)
    • Packaging - 6cc syringe



    • Order Code: 9006