Expanded Beam Connectors

Expanded Beam (EB) connectors are ideal for use in harsh environment applications where optical interfaces can become contaminated potentially jeopardising system performance. The increased size of the optical beam reduces susceptibility of the interconnect to contamination and allows for easy cleaning / maintenance in the field.

Tech Optics offers EB connectors from a range of blue chip manufacturers and can provide cable harnesses (manufactured at our Tonbridge facility), components, termination training and kits plus cleaning, maintenance and inspection tools.

Talk to our team today to see which EB interconnection products would suit you application.

  1. Expanded Beam Connectors M83526 /20 and /21

    Tech Optics offer a range of qualified and designed to meet MIL-PRF-83526/20 & /21 expanded beam rugged fibre optic connector for military and industrial applications. Expanded beam technology expands and collimates the optical signal through the connector interface path resulting in a diameter many times that of the original beam. The optical beam is then refocused into the core of the receiving fibre. The larger beam diameter improves insertion loss performance in the presence of dust and debris. Also, because the lenses do not physically contact, there is no wear on the termini, which allows the connector to be mated and demated thousands of times without affecting optical performance.

    The connectors are available in both single mode and multimode versions, can be configured to support one to four fibre optic channels using a common insert and has been designed to accept a wide variety of cables to suit any application.


    • MIL-PRF-83526/20 & /21 qualified expanded beam rugged fibre optic connector for military and industrial applications.
    • Hermaphroditic, 2 or 4 channel
    • Supports both multimode and single mode fibre
    • Expanded beam technology is less susceptible to dust and debris
    • Monolithic insert design facilitates cleaning
    • Hermaphroditic design enables daisy-chaining of cable assemblies to support varying distances
    • Non-contacting interface allows thousands of mating cycles


  2. High Density Expanded Beam Connectors

    Tech Optics offers a range of high density fibre optic connectors in the standard M83526 shell configuration from 2 to 12 channels. These connectors are ideal for harsh environments where M83526 connectors are deployed but higher channel counts are required.

    Features and Benefits

    • Compatible with MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21
    • Easy to clean / maintain
    • 2, 4, 8 and 12 channel planforms
    • Single and Multimode Variants
    • Hermaphroditic mating
    • Low loss


    • Ship to shore links
    • Mobile tactical shelters
    • Electronic battlefield networks
    • Mobile emergency telecommunications stations
    • Deployable outdoor, harsh environment


  3. Mini Expanded Beam Connectors

    The mini-series expanded beam connectors are compatible with the TE Pro-Beam Mini and Telecast MX connector ranges.

    Solutions are available in 2 and 4 channel variants.

    Tech Optics can supply components, UK manufactured cable assemblies, termination training, termination tooling / kits, test, inspection and maintenance equipment.


  4. Windowed Expanded Beam Connectors

    To discuss our range of ultra-rugged expanded beam connectors contact our sales engineers on +44(0)1732 770 466

    Windowed, hermaphroditic, expanded beam assemblies up to 24 channels

    Connectors are almost tamperproof, intuitive mating; no exposed gaps on mated pairs; sand proof; tested - 500mtrs under water;, hot fog salt spray tested to 1300+ hours.

    Several standard panel plug design options and specials where needed. Sapphire A/R ultra-hard coated windows.

    Typical IL 0.7/1.2dB @ 1310nm, 50+dB ORL – true APC polish with air gap – ferrule not butted against the lens.

    Hybrid optical channels available in one connector, data/copper also available by moving the window over to one side.


  5. X-Beam Expanded Beam Connector

    The Diamond X-BEAM is a genderless tactical fiber optic connector which uses lens based expanded beam technology for ease of cleaning and mating in outdoor applications. The X-BEAM expands and collimates the transmission signal at the mating point. The expanded beam technology reduces the impact of both misalignment as well as endface contamination. The lens system encloses and protects the fiber end face allowing the connector to be quickly cleaned and mated in the field without special tools. Genderless construction helps simplify use under adverse conditions. The X-BEAM connector is an ideal choice for use within harsh environments such as field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, avionics, security systems and much more. The Diamond X-BEAM 4 channels connector is terminated with Diamond’s homologated MM and SM cable (Customer cable assemblies available upon request).

    The X-BEAM FUSION incorporates a special insert with removable Fiber Optic termini which allow an easy field termination and repair, this thanks to a quick termini locking mechanism and the Diamond ZEUS D50 HE Fusion splicer, only for Multimode cable.


  6. HLMA - Hermaphroditic Lens Multiway - Advanced

    The HLM product series has advanced. The product now utilises expanded beam technology, which facilitates better optical performance and ease of termination. The connector series is fully backward compatible to the HLM Series.

    Typical applications are deployable external cable assemblies in mining, oil rigs, mil comms etc, where connectors with no gender are required. The connector has been designed for both factory and field termination directly onto standard tactical fibre optic cable without specialist lens termination tooling.


    • Proven Expanded Beam technology
    • Interchangeable and intermateable with alternative manufacturers products
    • Maximum 1.5dB optical performance – Multimode / Singlemode
    • Field cleanable and repairable