Discontinuity Testing

  1. OP1100 Discontinuity Analyser

    The OP1100 Discontinuity Analyser is an off-the-shelf fibre optic test system that automatically captures, displays and logs short optical power interruptions and dropouts in accordance with EIA/TIA-FOTP-32A.

    This test solution provides a method for testing a broad variety of passive or active fibre optic components for susceptibility to discontinuities (signal dropout, transient output or transmittance fluctuations) during application of an external stimulus, such as temperature, vibration or physical shock.

    • Single mode/Multimode capable
    • Input power range of -40dBm to -2dBm
    • Selectable dropout detection range of 0.8µs to 1s
    • Selectable loss threshold of 0.5dB to 3dB
    • Bundled OPL-DISC application that records data directly into a spreadsheet
    • USB Interface for seamless remote control
    • Support of most common connector options (FC, ST, SC, etc…)



  2. OP710-ANX Multichannel Optical to Electrical Converter

    The OP710-ANX incorporates individual channels of optical to electrical (O/E) converters and is an easy-to-implement multichannel O/E converter for applications such as detecting and monitoring optical signals.

    The OP710-ANX is available with 4 channels up to 24 channels using InGaAs detectors for wavelengths between 830nm and 1700nm.

    High bandwidth multichannel O/E Converter

    With a minimum bandwidth of 10MHz, this O/E Converter is useful in many applications for high speed, optical signal monitoring.

    Convenient 19” Rack Mount solution

    With the optical inputs in front and the electrical outputs in the back this is an ideal configuration for rack mount test solutions where the electrical signal is processed further with third party AD converter modules.