Connector Ovens

  1. Multicure connector heater

    The Multicure connector heater provides controlled curing of epoxy used in the termination of fibre optic connectors. The unit permits controlled curing for up to 24 connectors at one time and can accommodate most types of optical connectors using an interchangeable connector block.

    The Multicure oven allows the temperature to be set between ambient and 160ºC. Each unit is supplied with a dial gauge thermometer to allow real time temperature recording.

    Each Multicure heater is supplied with a power cord making it ready for instant use with the plug style appropriate to the particular country the unit is being shipped to.


    • Improves termination quality and stability / reliability
    • Reduces fibre cracking
    • Reduces fibre stress
    • Small, compact size permits ease of use and storage
    • Available with curing blocks for ST, SC, LC, MU, FC, D4, MT-RJ, MPO / MTP and SMA
    • Provides a cost-effective means to terminate fibre optic cable assemblies
    • Detachable power cord for easy storage
    • Power receptacle, switch and fuse module is UL, CSA and TUV approved


  2. Domaille Universal Cure Oven

    The Universal Cure Oven is designed to maximize productivity when curing epoxy on single and multi-fibre connectors. 

    It utilises a modular carrier tray for the efficient assembly and loading of up to 24 MT connectors or 48 single-fibre connectors at a time.

    The Universal Cure Oven also has the most consistent thermal pattern in the industry for superior cure results.


    • Specifically designed for MT/MPO connector epoxy curing with the tightest thermal pattern in the industry.
    • Will cure connectors in either horizontal or vertical position.
    • Utilises carrier trays for easy loading and maximum productivity.
    • May be configured to hold almost any style of connector.
    • Increases productivity and consistently achieves superior yield results.


  3. Curing Oven CO-6800

    The features of this user friendly design include, a 320x240 colour resolution interface, an audible alarm option, a

    multi-lingual function, password protect capabilities, uniform temperature with accurate control, multiple removable carrier

    tray options for efficient assembly, Celsius/Fahrenheit option and the multiple mode curing functions below:

    • Temperature Hold mode, allows the operator to hold a desired temperature
    • Timed mode allows for the user to select a temperature set point and operation time for the oven cure cycle
    • Twin Time mode allows the user to select a temperature set point with a pause, continue for the oven cure cycle
    • Step & Ramp mode lets the user select up to four (4) temperature set points followed by time values with linear ramp settings allowing the oven to operate in a programmable mode over an extended period of time

    The CO-6700 (120) volt version and the CE Rated CO-6800 (240) volt version are available now!