The Hexatronic InOne Solution secures power and fiber supply in one system over several kilometers.

Lower installation cost!
Are you looking for smoother installations and less work connecting multiple cables for power and fiber? The InOne solution is ideal for locations where local power is not available or when the available power is not reliable or controlled by others. 

Save costs
Achieve 50% to 70% savings on the total turn-key project cost.

Faster installation
Accomplish faster implementation by blowing InOne cables in microducts.

Own the power
Secure your devices by providing your own power along with the fiber.

Get redundancy & flexibility
Close the network rings to create redundancy. InOne supports all network topologies.

InOne - a solution for many applications
InOne can be used for a diversity of applications such as 5G and WLAN access points, Smart Cities, IoT, Surveillance Systems and much more.