Cable Management

  1. Cable Management

    As a technology leader in fiber polishing, Domaille is continually creating innovative new products that help our customers improve their polishing yields and throughput by tightly controlling variables in the polishing process.  By eliminating or minimizing process variation, yields will significantly increase. 

    Domaille Engineering has designed many different cable management versions including a modular Cable Management System designed to easily handle almost any cable type.   The system will improve polishing results by minimizing the effects of cable weight and distortion on the polishing fixture.  The modular components can be interchanged for various cable applications.  The systems components are engineered and manufactured to Domaille’s high visual and quality standards.  We have also designed special cable management for MPO and MTRJ cables that improves the yields on these difficult to produce cables.

    For more information on these products or to contact a business development manager for a special request, please contact us.