The OP510 was designed as a cost effective solution for measuring, monitoring and logging of insertion loss or power fluctuations. The OP510 is a small (4”x2”x1.25”) portable module designed to minimize movement and bending of the reference and test cables. This results in stable, accurate and repeatable measurements.

A unique feature of the OP510 is the 16 position bar graph. The display will show an approximate absolute power or relative power after referencing with the test button.

The OP510 is offered with a choice of 1mm or 3mm InGaAs, 2mm High Power InGaAs, or 3mm Silicon detectors. It can be used with a universal adapter system or fixed optical interface to cover a wide variety of applications.

The USB-powered module connects directly to the computer. OptoTest provides drivers and applications that allow the user to perform common measurement tasks such as EXCEL compatible data logging or time-stamped stability measurements.

  • Pass/Fail display with user-defined criteria
  • Broad wavelength spectrum InGaAs: 830nm to 1700nm Silicon: 400nm to 1100nm
  • Measurement range InGaAs: +6dBm to -72dBm Silicon: +3dBm to -65dBm
  • Relative accuracy of 0.02dB*
  • Measurement display resolution down to 0.001dB
  • Variable sampling rate via software
  • Integrated temperature monitoring eliminates the need for an additional temperature sensor during long term stability tests


* Loss less than 10dB