The fibersect.multi.2™ quickly cuts off the epoxy and fibres protruding from the face of connector ferrules during the installation process. In less than one second, it produces a flat cut close to the MT ferrule face, creating the ideal surface for polishing. Throughput is improved by eliminating manual steps such as hand cleaving, de-nubbing and epoxy removal. The multi.2 is optimized for cutting 4 to 72 fibre MT ferrules as well as large diameter fibres used with SMA connectors. With a simple one button operation, small footprint, and battery power, the fibersect.multi.2 provides exceptional versatility, portability, and ease of use in the production environment.

Features and Benefits

•  Optimized for cutting up to 72 fibre MT and MT-APC ferrules as well as SMA connectors with larger fibre diameters
•  Simple one button operation; requires minimal operator training
•  Fast cutting cycle
•  Long saw lifetime
•  Small footprint, lightweight, portable, battery powered
•  Fast, easy cut length adjustment
•  Quick adapter change
•  Safely collects cutting waste
•  Options: Connector and ferrule adapters, vacuum waste collection, footswitch cut actuator, cut counter


•  Recommended adapters: MT, MT-APC, and SMA with fibre diameter of 300-2000 μm
•  Custom adapters are available
•  Cut cycle time: <1 sec for MT and MT-APC ferrules; <4 sec for SMA connectors with 1000 μm fibres
•  Recommended cut length from ferrule face: 100 μm for MT and MT-APC; 150 μm for SMA connectors
•  Adjustable cut length from ferrule face: 0-600 μm; 5 μm adjusting resolution
•  Maximum fibre protrusion from ferrule face before cutting: 10 mm
•  Cut angle: <+/- 0.5°
•  Adapter changeover time: <30 sec
•  Warranty: One year or 600,000 cuts, whichever comes first when cutting 12-fibre epoxied MT ferrules
•  Power: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 0.48 A; with rechargeable battery
•  Battery capacity: >400 cuts when cutting 12-fibre epoxied MT ferrules
•  Dimensions: W x D x H / 3.75 x 5.25 x 3.50 in / 95 x 133 x 89 mm
•  Weight: 2 lbs / 0.9 kg

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