The kit contents listed below are our standard offering - Tech Optics Ltd can tailor these to meet your specific requirements and supply you with any necessary products.

The 3M Hot Melt Universal Termination Kit offers most convenient field connectivity for fibre optic connectors. From direct termination of breakout cables in patch panels over pigtails up to patchcords, Hot Melt connectors fit every application. The Hot Melt Termination Kit for ST, SC, FC and LC-Connectors contains all tools and consumables which are necessary to terminate 3M Hot Melt Connectors in the field. 


  • Hotmelt oven with 230V power cords for Europe and UK
  • Universal connector holder for ST, SC, FC connectors
  • Polishing pad, classic, round
  • Selection of Polishing films
  • Polishing jig
  • Jacket/Buffer/coating stripper
  • Kevlar scissors
  • Universal crimp tool
  • Carbide scribe blade
  • Viewscope
  • Express glue
  • Lint free wipes and dispenser
  • Safety container for fibre stubs
  • Roll up pouch

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