3M Hot Melt

  1. 3M Hot Melt Connectors

    3M Hot Melt connectors are among the most popular with contractors because of their reliability and ease of use. Hot Melt connectors come pre-loaded with an adhesive that is not limited in shelf life, and the termination procedure provides the ability to reheat and reposition the fibre in the termination process. This easy-to-install field-mount Hot Melt connector provides reliable performance in indoor and outdoor applications.


      • Quick, simple and safe assembly in the field or factory
      • Connector, adhesive and polishing film from one manufacturer guarantees a high quality connector
      • Simple polishing process, either manually or with a polishing machine
      • All connectors contain a zirconia ferrule and Hot Melt adhesive
      • Boots are available in various colours for definite channel separation
      • Suitable for all LAN and CATV applications
      • Suitable for internal or external applications

    Connectors available

    • ST multimode with black boot
    • ST single mode with yellow boot
    • SC multimode with white boot
    • SC single mode with white boot