Shipboard LSZH Fibre Optic cable uses a tight buffered water blocked construction with high quality low smoke zero halogen materials. The cable adheres to the United States DoD specification MIL-PRF-85045 and is offered in one four and eight fibre configurations.

The optical fibre cable construction consists of fibres protected within a 900 micron tight buffer, reinforced with aramid yarn within a LSZH sub-cable jacket of 2.0mm diameter.

The optical fibres are radiation resistant and qualified to the applicable MIL-PRF-49291 specification to ensure system survivability in the event of radiation exposure.

This family of cables has passed a stringent qualification programme to ensure full compliance with MIL-PRF-85045F and applicable specification sheets. The test programme includes tests for acid gas generation, halogen content, smoke generation, flame propagation, toxicity, fluid immersion, thermal shock, humidity, electromagnetic resistance, low / high pressure salt water blocking.

These shipboard cables are watertight, flexible and gigabit ready.