CarlisleIT’s LITEflight® fibre optic cable is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the demanding conditions found in aerospace, military, industrial and other harsh environments. With the broad experience applying harsh environment interconnects, a deep understanding of advanced materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes at our factory sites worldwide, CarlisleIT’s system design engineers bring the performance benefits of fibre optic interconnects to your applications for even the most demanding installation scenarios.

LITEflight® cables offer all the benefits of fibre optic interconnect performance in temperature extremes, high shock and high G-force environments, tight routing and bending installation envelopes with cabling products designed to withstand the worst mechanical and environmental strains. LITEflight fibre optic products are widely deployed in commercial aerospace, military aerospace, defence ground tactical and industrial applications. 


Performance Highlights:

  • Performance in the harshest installation and operating environments

  • Unmatched performance in temperature extremes, high vibration, tight routing and bending, high mechanical shock, corrosive and caustic installation scenarios 

  • Flame-resistance properties, low smoke, low toxicity, low weight, and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Key Features, LITEflight® EP

  • Performance in temperature extremes with products available to operate in environments from -65°C to + 260°C
  • Lowest susceptibility to thermally induced signal loss
  • Minimal bend sensitivity
  • Extreme shock and vibration resistance
  • Extended flexibility and flexure endurance
  • Tight kink resistance and tolerance
  • High tensile strength
  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Ultimate resistance to corrosive fluids and gases
  • Widest connector and contact compatibility
  • Low smoke and toxicity and Flame Resistance exceeding FAR 25 Appendix F for aircraft installations
  • Compatibility with the broadest range of contact and connector systems