Optical Explorer - industry's first optical fibre multimeter

Fibre optic tester that performs link verification and automated fault tracking in seconds. Empowering frontline technicians to explore further and do more.

Evaluate the quality of fiber links in seconds.
An innovative, fast and simple-to-use fibre optic tester, Optical Explorer verifies optical links in seconds and automatically explores further when potential issues are suspected. It’s the first optical fibre multimeter (OFM)—an essential handheld tool for fibre optic technicians (it can be compared to multimeters used by electrical technicians). OFMs quickly measure multiple key optical parameters such as loss (dB), optical return loss (dB), length (meters) and power (dBm). They help technicians verify fibre optic link health and troubleshoot potential issues.

Empower frontline fiber technicians to do more, faster.

Cut hidden costs to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
Hidden costs throughout a product’s life make up a massive, yet sometimes overlooked, part of TCO. And it includes more than just the initial purchase price.

Optical Explorer’s lifetime calibration, patent-pending click-out optical connector and field replaceable battery empower field techs to do more directly from the field, cutting costly downtime and logistics associated with factory-based updates, maintenance and repairs.