The Industry’s Fastest & Most Accurate Optical Return Loss Meters.

OptoTest’s new OP960 Series Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) Meters build on the well proven capabilities of the fastest RL meters in the industry, the OP940 Series, with increased speed and enhancements that make them even easier to use. A larger and sharper touchscreen, built-in Ethernet capability, and upgraded cases and components make the OP960 the preferred choice for fiber optic cable manufacturers looking for a complete, simple, and accurate testing solution with a small footprint.



Faster Testing Speeds
A measurement time of two seconds per channel, using the front panel in Dual ILRL mode or via software, is over 30% faster than the previous industry leader, the OP940. Testing 24 fiber MPO using the OP960 in the same mode yields a 24 second savings compared to the OP940.

Simple and Touch-Free RL Measurements
The OP960 performs RL measurements without mandrel wraps or index matching gel for quicker tests with fewer manual operations.

Bigger and Sharper Touchscreen
The OP960 touchscreen has 35% more area and 70% more pixels than the OP940 for improved ease of use. Simple front panel controls are easy to navigate without sacrificing functionality. IL and RL can be tested simultaneously with results updating in real time. Help menus are readily accessible on every screen to guide you through the features and options.

Built-in Ethernet Capability
Remote operation is now possible when you design a custom testing solution via OPL-SDK.

Upgraded Cases and Components
The OP960 is designed with durability in mind and housed in a new case that is sturdier than ever, making it possible to stack equipment on top. Improved components and circuitry increase reliability and extend service life long into the future.