The OP940 system is an insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) meter that features a colour LCD screen, an optical reflectance scan mode, programmable pass/fail for editable test criteria and on screen context help. Additionally, the OP940 can measure return loss (RL) at two positions simultaneously through the front panel and it offers expandable functionality. As with our other IL/RL systems, the OP940 measures RL quickly and accurately without the need for mandrel wrapping or the use of index matching gel, and is available in Single Mode, Multimode, and FTTX variants.

  • Fully automated, concurrent IL and RL displayed simultaneously
  • Front panel optical reflectance trace
  • Manually adjust RL reference position and value
  • Measures RL at multiple connection points through the front panel
  • Programmable pass/fail for multiple test criteria
  • Various detector options for measuring simplex to multi-fibre connectors
  • On screen help
  • Configurable timer settings, such as dwell times
  • User accessible source connector
  • Colour display
  • Intuitive operation
  • Can be controlled remotely via USB
  • Integrated temperature monitoring
  • Convenient benchtop size
  • Wide dynamic range for RL measurements:
    • SM, FTTX: 10dB to 80dB
    • MM: 10dB to 58dB