The OP712 is a standalone USB powered and operated power meter. It can be integrated into the test and measurement process with any OptoTest Applications.

Absolute power and insertion loss (IL) are accurately measured with this USB power meter when used in conjunction with the corresponding software such as OPL-LOG and OPL-MAX. It is ideal for measuring fibres terminated with simplex connectors such as LC, SC or FC. The OP712 can also be used for high density connectors such as MTP or MPO.

An OP712 outfitted with a large area detector can be used to test high density connectors such as MTP/MPO. 

The LAAD series of adapters offer a quick-change magnetic interface and is available for all standard connector options.

Using the OPL-SDK, the user can write custom applications to control the OP712.

  • Measurement range InGaAs: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm Silicon: 3mm High Power InGaAs: 2mm
  • Remote head is ideal for rugged cables and ergonomic in manufacturing environments
  • Calibration factors stored directly within the OP712
  • System integration with OPL series software suite.
  • Adapters available for universal ferrule sizes (1.25/1.6/2.0/2.5mm) and common connector types such as MTP/MPO, MT Ferrule, MT-RJ, LC, FC, SC, PRIZM-LT, MXC etc.
  • Bare fiber adapters available for simplex or ribbon fiber
  • 0.02dB relative accuracy when optical loss is less than 10dB