High Resolution OTDR

  1. MTS-6000A with EVO AV high-resolution multimode OTDR module

    The Viavi Solutions® Hi-Res multimode OTDR solution characterizes and locates faults on very short multimode fiber runs deployed in aircraft, spacecraft, submarines, and ships. It is the industry’s most compact, lightweight, and portable unit, enabling testing in areas where access to fiber
    is difficult or limited. The solution also characterizes fibers during the manufacturing process.

    The RDZ-SLM software application’s streamlined user interface takes the complexity out of OTDR testing. Technicians at any skill level can easily and quickly perform error-free tests. The enhanced OTDR test mode includes the following important features:

    • SmartLink provides a simple, icon-based map view of a fiber link and its passive elements (connectors, splices, and bends) — it immediately diagnoses potential problems when pass/fail thresholds are set up
    • The OTDR trace overlay function compares maintenance results to a reference trace — it clearly
      shows differences for locating potential issues
    • SmartConfigs are generic and user-defined setup configurations — they help eliminate OTDR
      setup errors and keep results consistent across all users

    Key Benefits

    • Compact, lightweight, and field portable
    • Smarter and faster field testing
    • Precise event characterization

    Key Features

    • Industry-leading dead-zone performance
    • Streamlined and error-free setup
    • Connector end-face inspection and automated pass/fail analysis
    • FastReport onboard PDF report generation
    • TIA/IEC pass/fail thresholds for Tier-2 certification
    • Battery operated