EXFO Max Testers

  1. MaxTester 730C

    The MaxTester 730C (MAX-730C) is designed for testing through FTTH/PON splitters for end-to-end characterization. This handheld OTDR is ideal for FTTH/PON testing, live fibre troubleshooting and metro range testing.

    • Handheld, lightweight, powerful, tablet-inspired design
    • 7-inch, outdoor enhanced touchscreen – the biggest in the handheld industry
    • Optimized to test through optical splitters and characterize FTTH links
    • Characterize and troubleshoot links up to 100 km with a dynamic range of 39 dB
    • 12-hour autonomy
    • Find more problems closer to the splitter than other OTDRs thanks to the highest resolution for PON testing and the shortest PON dead zone available
    • Dead zones: EDZ 0.6 m, ADZ 2.5 m
    • Dynamic range: 39/38/39 dB
    • Rugged design built for outside plant
    • iOLM-ready: intelligent and dynamic application that turns complex OTDR trace analysis into a one-touch task


  2. MaxTester 940-945

    The MaxTester 940/945 Fibre Certifier OLTS is the first tablet-inspired test solution that has been specifically designed to certify fibre cabling in data centres and enterprise networks. The unit’s intuitive Windows-like user interface ensures a minimal learning curve.
    The MaxTester 940/945 Fibre Certifier offers icon-based functions, instant boot-up, as well as onboard assistance and onboard professional reporting.

    • 7-inch high resolution touchscreen–the widest screen on the market
    • Leading FasTesT™ performances: certifies two fibres at two wavelengths under three seconds
    • Onboard assistant and diagnosis to eliminate reference errors and negative loss
    • Built-in Encircled-Flux compliancy as per ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC
    • 100% automated fibre inspection: one-step process with pass/fail analysis at both ends of the fibre
    • Certifies against multiple industry standards at once
    • Onboard professional PDF reporting
    • Results batch processing with FastReporter 2 software
    • Best-in-class singlemode distance range of 160 km
    • EXFO Connect-ready for cloud-based test assets management
    • Three-year peace-of-mind warranty and calibration interval