Conditioner, you can quickly meet critical launch condition requirements like Encircled Flux, M80 or 70/70 fill for multichannel test setups.   When used in conjunction with the OptoTest Multichannel LED Sources (OP750 Series) or Return Loss Meters (OP940 Series), launch conditions can be met without the need for external mandrel wraps. Each OP752 Modal Conditioner manages launch conditions for up to 12 channels and additional units can be added for 24, 48 and up to 200 channels.  Choose from common front panel connectors such as FC and SC with UPC or APC polish.  Contact OptoTest or an OptoTest distributor world-wide for additional customizations like unique launch condition requirements.      

The launch control for each OP752 is tailored specifically for one source and the OP752 is then used in the calibration of that unit. Available with each OP752 is a report, such as the one at right, detailing the exact launch condition created with the specified source.