The OP850 offers a very efficient solution for measuring insertion loss (IL) on multiple fibre cables or ribbon cables with MTP or MXC components. Insertion loss (IL) is quickly and accurately measured with the use of continuous wave (CW) sources in both single mode (SM) or multimode (MM) wavelengths combined with a highly repeatable optical switch. The system can be customized with multiple wavelengths and include between 4 and 24 channels.

  • Ideal for MTP/MPO ribbon cables
  • Configurable for harsh environment connectors such as 29504 or 38999
  • High speed USB Interface for communication
  • Cable test software OPL-MAX available for writing measurement data directly into a spreadsheet
  • Interface to custom applications via DLL
  • Fully automated, single wavelength, dual wavelength or quad wavelength insertion loss measurement
  • Multimode source with controlled launch condition available for underfill, full-fill or overfill
  • Various detector options for single fibre, duplex fibre, or ribbon fibre cables