Tech Optics scribes are ideal for cleaving fibres and removing the fibre spigot from the end of a connector after curing the epoxy and before polishing in field, factory and laboratory environments.

Available in diamond, carbide and sapphire, each is designed with a sharp edge to cleanly break the fibre and reduce the possibility of propagating linear cracks.

Every tool is mounted in an easy grip plastic pen-type holder with a removable cap and pocket clip.

  1. Diamond scribe

    Incorporates a premium natural diamond, finely lapped to a 90º 1mm cutting edge. Ideal for cable manufacturers and laboratories with experienced personnel. 


    • 40218

  2. Sapphire Scribe

    For those who require the sharpness of a diamond at the cost of a carbide, the sapphire scriber is the tool to choose. It is made of synthetic sapphire, ground and polished to a 60º 3mm edge.


    • 40217

  3. Carbide scribe

    Made from a micrograin carbide blank, ground and polished to create a sharp cutting edge. An inexpensive tool that can give years of satisfactory results and designed for the connector installer.


    • 40216