Kevlar sheers

  1. 86-1/2SF

    High leverage shears for cutting and trimming insulation, aramid yarn and copper leads, the electronic grade chrome finish provides contamination free use in clean rooms. This tool is ideal for trimming Kevlar.


    Manufactured from hot forged, high carbon steel, the cutting edge is maintained to extend the life of the shears. This tool has one serrated blade and cushioned grips.

    Approximate length 5.75" (146mm), Approximate weight 2.5oz (72g).

  2. KC699

    High leverage multi-purpose shears for cutting fibre optic all-dielectric cables.


    One blade is serrated to grip the cable and the shears are hardened stainless steel.

    The moulded handles are ambidextrous and oversized for comfort.

    Full length of the shears: 184mm (7.25 inches).

  3. Ceramic Blade Kevlar Scissors

    With ceramic blades, these scissors trim and cut Kevlar yarn in fibre optic cables with a fast, clean cut.

    It is a lightweight, non-conductive tool with super-hard ceramic blades lasting up to 50 times longer than stainless steel blades. The tool should only be used for cutting Kevlar.


    • Order Code: C-124