Jacket strippers

  1. Ideal

    A versatile hand-held stripping tool for removing the outer jacket of most types of optical cable. The tool comprises two blades, one for a longitudinal cut over the desired length of cable jacket and the other to make a circular cut around the cable circumference.

    Description Colour Order Code
    For Cable diameters up to 3.2mm Grey 45-162
    For Cable diameters 3.2mm to 6.4mm Blue 45-163
    For Cable diameters 6.4mm to 14.2mm Blue 45-164
    For Cable diameters 4.8mm to 7.9mm Black 45-165

  2. Miller Multi-Wire Strippers/Cutters - 721, 821 & 921 - Ripley Tools

    • Strips and cuts commonly used wire, single and stranded, AWG or metric
    • The tool will strip several different wire sizes and can be used to strip 900µm buffer from fibres
    • The tool has plier nose and cushion grips with a spring release
    • Full length of tool 6.25" (159mm)