Crimp tools

  1. Crimp Tools

    Use of the correct crimp tool with each connector type is important to achieve the long term performance of the assembled connector onto the cable.

    Crimp diameters and styles vary from connector to connector and from one manufacturer to another. Tech Optics offers the following tools for the commonly used connectors.

    Connector Description  Order Code 
    LC Use with 1.8mm to 2.0mm mini cordage  1588176-1
    MFM, SMA, HA Daniels crimp tool frame HX4
      Die set for the HX4 frame Y204
    SC, FC AMP SC connector 503948-2 and 504646-4 and FC 504649-8 family of connectors 503911-1
    SMA, ST Use with Amphenol connectors and Norland splice covers 3 hex cavity 0.151, 0.178 and 0.213 inch TO-178
    FDDI, ESCON For both zipcord and round cable into AMP FSD and RSD connectors 58519-1
    ST, LC AMP Pro-Crimper hand tool for ST connectors and LC on 3mm diamter cable 58433-4
    General Purpose 4 Hex crimp tool with cavities 0.105, 0.137, 0.178 and 0.254 inch 927-1163