The kit contents listed below are our standard offering - Tech Optics Ltd can tailor these to meet your specific requirements and supply you with any necessary products.

Tech Optics offers a choice of tool kits for fibre optic cable termination. The basic kit provides all the tools necessary for preparing a cable end, the consumables for fitting a connector and polishing the completed termination by hand. We can add-in additional dedicated tooling for particular brands of connector where a specific crimp tool or polishing fixture is required. Our tool kits are suitable for both field and workbench use and are supplied in heavy duty "Pelican" cases to withstand the tough work environments.


  • Crimp tools
  • Stripping tools
  • Microscope and adaptor
  • Connector heater
  • Heat cure epoxy 4g sachets 
  • Polishing films
  • Scribe
  • Rubber pad
  • 6" steel rule
  • Heat gun and nozzle
  • Solvent dispenser

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