Domaille's range of connector holders (10- to 18-port) will accept most types of connector. These include FC, SC and ST spherical polish, LC and MT-RJ small form factor, and SCAPC, LCAPC and MT-RJ APC connectors. 


  • Fixture insert sizes determined by individual customer requirements with low lead time
  • Capability of polishing two different ferrule sizes with one fixture
  • Industry-leading technology provides 360º clamping surface on ferrules — significantly improving yields!
  • Ease of clamping & unclamping ferrules drastically improves load and unload times — more yield improvement!
  • Pre-installed water jet ports aid in the elimination of polishing debris during the polishing process — more yield improvement
  • Use of setting fixture to ensure even ferrule protrusion.
  • Compatible with all Domaille polishing machine models.
  • Manufactured to Domaille’s exacting standards, using only premium materials.