This Unique Path Technology can reduce polishing time up to 50% while extending abrasive film life up to 90%. This significantly reduces abrasive film expense. One other advantage of AbraSave® technology is on multi-fiber connectors such as MPO or MTP. Polishing these types of connectors on standard equipment will usually produce a inverse crown effect on the fiber protrusion – the centre fiber height is shorter than the outside fibers. The unique path technology will produce a much flatter protrusion height, greatly improving yield on these complex connectors.

The AbraSave® technology can be adapted to fit almost any polishing machine including Seikoh Giken, OFL and others, plus almost any cable or connector style.


  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Reduced work in progress
  • Reduced connector fallout
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Increased net profitability
  • Reduced polishing time
  • Extended abrasive film life
  • Available in both round and square fixture configurations