Like the OLK5 series, AFS's (Advanced Fibre Solutions Inc.) OLK6 series fibre optic test kits also offers a complete solution for the installer to test, terminate and troubleshoot a fibre optic system with the added capability to store 500 readings to a database that may be later downloaded to AFS's Cable Plant Reporter software for PC storage and Pass/Fail loss analysis. OLK6 series kits are designed for single-mode, multimode and POF applications. All kits include the Cable Plant Reporter software, USB cable, carrying case, one connector adapter, cleaning wipes, power adjustment tool and instructional manual.

  • Compact lightweight carrying case 
  • Windows application software
  • Storage of 500+ results 
  • Meter calibration certificate included
  • dBm (absolute) + dB (relative) measurement 
  • Meter – display back light
  • Meter - graphical display with testing guide 
  • Meter - auto power off
  • Multimode and single mode applications 
  • Meter - N.I.S.T. traceable
  • Zero reference with dBm value displayed 
  • On screen testing procedure guides
  • 650nm, 790nm, 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm & 1550nm