The kit contents listed below are our standard offering - Tech Optics Ltd can tailor these to meet your specific requirements and supply you with any necessary products.

With TE Connectivity LightCrimp Plus connectors, you can terminate optical fibres for premises cabling and fibre-to-desk applications in less than a minute. These easy-to-assemble, high performance connectors do not require a power source nor epoxy or curing and UV light. Various kits are available to deal with AMP ST and SC-style connectors without any need for a workstation, while complying with the relevant TIA/EIA, IEC, CECC and EN standards.


  • Pro-Crimper II Hand Tool and appropriate die set
  • Stripper tools
  • Kevlar scissors
  • Cable holder
  • Cleave tool
  • LightCrimp Plus termination video CD-Rom

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